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  • Do you want to be able to trust you intuition more? 
  • Would you like to be better in assessing people you don't know?

Most books about intuition are full with beautifull examples, but do they give you simple effective techniques you can apply right away? This book does!

Me & intuition

For as long as I can remember, I've seen myself as more sensitive than others. I tried to understand what I was feeling and why I felt so much. I was also always trying to assess how others were feeling. Through trainings I did, I gained more insight in myself and I got to know my own emotions, energies and subtle feelings, and I learned how to put those into words. I could see others more and more clearly and I was able to give fast insights on vital questions in private one-on-one sessions. I was a self-proclaimed psychic or clairvoyant as you might call it.

Teaching reading-techniques

In the past ten years I've been trying to explain intuition in a plain, almost analytical manner. I wanted others to have that same experience. In the end I developed a workshop where, in one evening, I taught the participants how to give a correct reading about somebody else. This means that you tell a story about another person who you don't know yet, which, according to them, is 100 percent correct. You simply do that by using your intuition and the knowledge you already have.

For many participants this meant an entirely new world opening up and for others this confirmed that they already were strongly intuitive. All reactions were absolutely positive. 

  • "It is amazing that you are presented with a mirror while you think you are the only one who knows yourselves"
  • "It was special to experience how certain things that were said corresponded with where I am now in my life'

Since then I have given dozens of workshops to many different people and in different companies. This book is the end-product of all those workshops where I teach the participants to give readings. With these workshops I want people to experience for themselves that the technique works, that you can give a correct reading, always and to everybody. Most of them are surprised about the simplicity, how easy this is. They are often moved, as well, and feel that they have been seen by a person they had never met before.

Content of the book ‘Secrets of Intuition’

In this book I provide a collection of exercises and experiences. I also explain what intuition is, how readings work, and how you can get essential information to the surface about people you don't really know. You will learn how easy it is to make contact with your intuition to quickly get insight in yourself, somebody else, and in the relationships you have with others, or that others have with each other. I provide exercises for you to acquire these skills. I have also tried to describe all obstacles you might encounter, and I give tips and suggestions on how to deal with those.

I already had the first chapter and the table of contents translated. Click on the link for a preview..... 

Do you like what you've read and interested in more? In june I will start crowdfunding via Kickstarter to get the book transleted. Are you interested? Let me know. I would really appreciate you making a pledge and help me bring these techniques into the world

Reviews of the book

Here some reviews from people who have read the whole book. 

Clear and easily described. Nice inspiring exercises! GwH

This book teaches you to develop reading techniques in a particularly clear and even easy way. You will be guided through this process step by step. A beautiful book that has made me more aware of my inner perception, what does my body tell me, how do I feel. Is what I experience mine or does it also belong to the other? I got more insight in myself and in others. Cynthia

 Van Esch gives an overview of the many forms of reading and how you can deepen your skills. With an open and down-to-earth view, he empathically invites a critical attitude and invites you to follow your own feelings. Easy to read. Marianne